Instant Send Note to Apple Notes Folder

ONE KILLER FEATURE: The thing that would make this awesome tool EXTREMELY awesome, for me, is direct one click or right click export of notes to Apple’s own notes app. I use that to store everything in tons of folders. It’s evernote w/o having to log in to something else or pay a subscription forever. It shows up on every device - ipad, iphone, mac, macbook. DRAFTS is great for TAKING the notes, but I want it just like it is for that purpose. Some organization, similar to Apple notes, but to share the ground with it. Simple right click and send individual note to Apple Notes (what folder? that one) would be… well I’d just about die from delight.

FEEDBACK ON THE STELLAR APP: Game changer. When something is this dead simple, it’s a win for everyone. You’ve successfully reduced the friction needed to launch a note (‘ready to type on launch’) combined with fast launch speed (it only matters if the thing launches lightening fast) and autosave (if a crash or reboot costs me the notes, I can’t trust it). These 3 things make it THE replacement for the built in mac text app. I’ve got text editors, sure, but they don’t launch fast, or don’t keep the info safe if I get distracted in a conference call and there’s a reboot later, etc. This is dead simple and you thought of it, and I’m happy.

I think you probably want this action from the Action Directory. It’s two clicks (a double click) to run, but if you add it to your action bar, or add a keyboard shortcut you can shave off those fractions of a second :wink:

Modify the following line and change the word Testing to the name of the folder you want that action to add the note to in Apple Notes.

make new note at folder "Testing" with properties {body:bodyHTML}

Also, note that this is working on the set of notes synced to iCloud.

Should you want an i*OS version as well, there’s an action for that too.

For that one, take a look at the note creation action in the associated shortcut. It has a folder parameter that you can set, and that’s what you should modify to specify the desired destination folder.

Hope that helps.

That’s epic. Thank you. You just sold it. I’m now upgraded to PRO. :slight_smile: