Inserting text in an action

I am currently working on a mail action. On completion of the mail I want to insert text but I want to guarantee that it is at the bottom of the email and not at the place where the cursor was last involved. So the question is how do I guarantee insertion at the bottom of the document?


Can you share your action? There are several ways to do this, but selecting the most appropriate depends on your approach in your action.

Sorry for being a bit slow but how do I share the action?


I think I have figured out how to send it…here it is Mail | Drafts Directory


It sounds like you want the text to be included just in the email, right? Not actually added to the source draft?

If so, you would modify your Mail action step’s body template. The default Mail action uses the [[body]] tag to insert all but the first line of the draft, but a templates can be any combination of static text and tags, so you can edit the action, go to Steps > Mail and change to body template to something like:


My additional footer text

For more details on templates and available tags, see:

I figured from the action it would be the opposite. It looked to me like @frankhanna wants to add a note to the end of the draft saying when it had been mailed.

Like this perhaps?

@frankhanna, can you clarify?

On my first cup of coffee, missed that.

Note that the action log keeps a record of when actions were performed on a draft, so it might be redundant to modify the actual text.

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