Indenting bullet points on MacOD

Using the iOS app, I can indent my bullet points by using “CMD + ]”.

This doesn’t work on the MacOS app.

Any ideas how to indent bullet points on MacOS?

The Mac version of Drafts does not yet have actions. When actions are available later this year, those features will start working as they do on iOS.

Ok thank you! Seems odd to release the product without action?
Thanks for your help.

I’m sure I’m not alone in enjoying being able to use even basic Drafts functionality on the desktop now rather than having to wait until a more feature-rich version is available. We know that actions are coming, but in the meantime we have the iOS version if we need those features. Patience! :slight_smile:

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I too am looking forward to using cmd-], but in the meantime if I need to indent lots of blocks (like I do this morning) I copy into an app which does support it (in my case BBEdit) and paste back into Drafts. It’s not too onerous.