Inbox, Flagged, All, etc via keyboard shortcuts

I’d love to be able to select Inbox, Flagged, Archive, All, or Trash via keyboard shortcuts. I’m gradually building up muscle-memory to move between them using tab and cursor keys, but keyboard shortcuts would be a real help.

I realise that adding lots of keyboard shortcuts into an app in the early stages of its life might build up problems for later, but wondered if adding menu items of these things (under the View menu, I’d think would make most sense) might enable people to create their own shortcuts.

As an aside, in case it’s of help to anyone reading this…

My first attempt at achieving my aim involved creating several Workspaces to mimic Inbox, Flagged, and All. I also created an Untagged one and an extra Workspace - the only one to be filtered by tag - called Lists.

I used the macOS System Settings/Keyboard/Shortcuts option to add Drafts-specific keyboard shortcuts for these workspaces which all worked except for the Lists workspace. The reason being, any workspace filtered by tag/s results in two menu items with the workspace name:

  • File/New in workspace/[Workspace name]
  • Workspaces/[Workspace name]

The way around this to ensure that the system settings keyboard shortcut works as/where intended, is to specify the full menu item path as per the following example:

(where Lists is a Workspace name)

i.e. with -> between menu levels.