Inactive Prompt Button

Would it be possible to add another boolean value to a Prompt button, which could be called isInactive (or isActive, and true would be the default value)?

The reason for my request: I am working on an action that requires me to tap buttons in a list of identical buttons over and over again. All buttons represent options, but not all options are available on each iteration. It would be easier for muscle memory if every time I want to choose Option 3, the corresponding button was the third one and not, say, the second one because Option 2 is not available. The button of Option 2 would still be there, but greyed out.

I presume you are scripting in js. Except for the greying out, order and label can be reset on each iteration. Create an array of [“optionA”,“optionB”,“optionC”] or otherwise choose your lable names. Reset a new Prompt each iteration, change the order of display/choices loading into position 1,2,3 by setting/reloading differently on each iteration (or circumstance), and labeled a little differently (e.g., 1. optionB, 2. - optionC, 3. optionA) by adding a prefix before loading the prompt. the "- " prefix would have to substitute for the greying out on the non-choice. Or, number two could be blank.