In-note tag entry

I’d like to add tags as I type up the note. I am used to doing this by writing #thistag as I type out my note. I wonder if Drafts can detect and automatically populate/add thistag to the note’s tags.

Everything I’ve said so far is probably doable by an action, but I’d like to request this as an intrinsic feature. I’d rather not have to remember and run an action each time I type up a note with in-note tags.

Tags are meta data. You are describing defining data in the body of a draft and then having it automatically duplicated to be meta data as well. It seems to invoke a bit of data redundancy as described.

Would you see this being enforced for everyone?

What would happen if you had a space or mistyped and edited?

I think a preference setting would be helpful, off by default. I’d find it useful — I believe nvAlt, Obsidian, The Archive and other notes apps do something similar, though they keep their metadata in plain text in the document anyway, so it isn’t as much of a departure.


A new user preference to “Enable inline tags”.

There can be an option to “Select prefix for inline tags (#, @, !, etc.)”. Default to #.

When user turns on, give the option to “Scan older drafts for inline tags”. If selected, perform the scan and populate tags metadata for each note accordingly.

My intent was that inline #sometag would not be removed from the note itself. It would merely be recognized and the tags metadata updated. I suppose this could be another user option.

Looking ahead, I think it would be powerful for tags to hold values, e.g., @due(2021-06-29) or @attendees(5) or @delegate(John). The potential of this for plugging into scripting is huge, as Taskpaper aficionados/addicts will attest.

I would love tags to be able to hold values, like in TaskPaper. It’s such a useful approach.

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I have some plans that would allow this type of thing to be automatic, but can’t say when I’ll get to them. Likely not this Summer with other OS updates, but some event triggering mechanisms that would allow updates like parsing out tags are definitely something that will come in the future.