Improvement to the Capture Window

I use the capture window all the time. A critical part of my workflow.

But I don’t always send the text to Drafts. I often use it as a shelf to hold and refer to or copy and paste elsewhere.

I’d like to suggest adding a button to the bottom menu titled “Copy & Clear” or “Copy & Save” or both or give the user the choice to add these buttons show on the menu…


Request noted. I could see at least a “Copy” button being useful.


Right now it’s a 3 step process:

  1. Select all
  2. Copy
  3. Clear

Would be great for these 3 to be rolled into one click.

Thanks for considering…

Copy/Clear will work (it is assumed it will copy everthing so select all is not needed)
A Share button will also work to select a destination

This is a useful suggestion!

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It depends from your workflow. I would be happy with a copy button. But the clear function would be annoying for me. I would prefer to clear the capture window manually.

This “Copy” button was added in v40.


This is wonderful— thank you!!