Improved control of Prompts

It would help to streamline the use of Prompts (especially when using Drafts with an external keyboard), if we could do the following:

  • Set a field to be the default field with focus.
    • Currnetlyt, it seems like you first have to arrow down, then press enter to give the first field focus and accept input.
    • It would be nice if you could set a specific field to have focus when the prompt is displayed, or at a minimum, make it so the first field is focused and able to accept input.
  • Be able to designate a “default” button and have a shortcut to select that button
    • It seems that CMD+. maps to Esc, which selects the Cancel button.
    • It would be nice if say CMD+Enter would select whatever is the default button (or if there is only one button, select that one).



This Go to Line action would be an ideal candidate to leverage these improvements.