Importing From Reminders - Goodtask Useful?

I’ve set up Drafts to import from the “Drafts” list in Reminders.

(While I don’t see the value in it automatically tagging with “reminders” it works well.)

Goodtask will also manipulate Reminders, including the Drafts list therein.

Does anybody see the value in Goodtask as a Reminders app that can squirt stuff into Drafts?

(I’m an Omnifocus user and don’t plan on giving it up. I’m just experimenting but loth to pay to Unlock Everything if I don’t see value.)

Well, the first thing I learnt is Reminders isn’t the way to get a Taskpaper version of the reminder. (Free ad perhaps but md2pptx takes Taskpaper one-liners and adds them as a Tasks slide set at the back - when it generates a PowerPoint presentation.)

The second thing I learnt is that - for the reminder to get imported - I have to open the Drafts app on the iPad. (Probably the same iOS device I created the reminder on.)