Import/Sync Tags


I mainly use Drafts to generate content out to Evernote. I will appreciate an easy way to import/sync my Evernote tags in Drafts before they are needed in Drafts to reduce the work in recreating them and to avoid possible conflicts by not recreating them identically.

This wish is inconsiderate to the actual feasibility of implementing it, but it’s a wish! Thanks in advance for considering it. :smirk_cat:


@agiletortoise is it possible for a script to use the Evernote credentials that are saved in Drafts for the Evernote actions? If so I could write a action (script) to sync the tags to a single note for this purpose. :nerd_face:


Sadly, no. I really wish Evernote would get it’s act together and provide an at least semi-industry standard REST API that would make it easier to do things like that.

I may be missing it, but I don’t think their current APIs even provide an endpoint to request a list of existing tags.