Import picture from iOS Camera roll/Photos App

Hi all!
Long-time (or semi long-time) power user since 2018; one of my first posts to the community.

Context/brief research I did prior to posting
If this question is answered somewhere else, feel free to drop the link as an answer (I briefly read documentation and asked ChatGPT).
If my question is unclear or needs more (or different) details, please advise.
I’m asking from perspective of simply using Drafts app as designed from iOS 17.

How do I access photos from app in iOS.
I can access a picture if I save a photo to/through the iOS Files App.
But, the problem I’m-trying-to-solve is this. I cannot find a way, from my iOS interface, to import a photo directly into drafts from the camera/photo roll.

Steps I’ve taken (per Drafts docs):
Take a picture
Open Drafts app on iPhone (iOS 17 is current OS)
Hold down “+” sign
Choose import file

Thanks for any relevant—AND/OR—- helpful info you can provide!!

Drafts is a plain text app, it does not work with photos or other media attachments.

If you have textual information you are trying to get out of a photo, there are ways to use Live Text with Drafts, but there’s no support for having actual photos in the app.

Does that cover your question?