Import Content for Draft Template

Hi All, been reading through Tags and Templates documentation but cannot seem to find the answer on this.

Is it possible to import the content of a linked draft [[Draft Name]]?

I started a new job and need to compile emails to clients after we met with them, we discuss various topics with them, but not all the same. I would like to have like a reference list of topics (pre-compiled drafts) and then start email in Drafts and add the references to the topics so they are then imported into the email when running the action?

Example Draft Email:

Thank you for the time during the review session, as discussed we would like to provide you with some links and information about the topics we discussed.

[[Draft 1]]

[[Draft 2]]

Thanks, hope that makes sense.

See if this helps. It describes several methods of transclusion of other drafts into a draft.


Thank you will read through and report back.

Thanks @sylumer

That is exactly the outcome I wanted, few more steps but it does make it a lot eaiser. Thanks for the link.