IFTTT Support Again?

I noticed in an old post that their used to be support for IFTTT integration. What happened to it? I have an IFTTT pro account, but a Zapier pro account is far too expensive for me & I’m already at my limit for the free version. Will there ever be IFTTT support again?

What is it that you want to do with IFTTT? I’m assuming it is more likely to be create new drafts than retrieve information or use it as a trigger. If so you can go via Apple Reminders as Drafts supports import from that.

Which previous post are you referring to? Can you provide a link for context?

If it were the creation of a draft (for example) I’d consider Pushcut and a shortcut - if iOS were an acceptable platform.

(In fact that’s what I do with my Daily Draft each morning.)

It was a comment by the creator of Drafts on a forum or blog post. I’m sorry, I’m having trouble finding it again. I had no particular thoughts at the moment of what it would do with Drafts, but the ability to both use Drafts as a trigger and create new Drafts would be cool. I actually had the thought more of using Drafts as a trigger to be able to send a draft to even more places.

I think IFTTT has similar integration points to Zapier. You can create webhooks that you post to, so the setup is similar to the Zapier integration we’ve documented.

I believe their iOS app has Shortcuts integration as well, so it may be as simple as building the Shortcut you want to trigger IFTTT events, and triggering those from Drafts.