iCloud sync error message on iPhone

Hi All.
I have installed the Drafts 5 app on both my iPad & iPhone.On my iPhone when I try to turn on iCloud sync it says, “iCloud not available. Check that you have an active iCloud account and Drafts has been allowed permissions to use iCloud”
When I installed on my iPad, iCloud sync was automatically turned on. Why is this an issues on my iPhone. I have tried uninstall and reinstall and reboot several times to no avail. Help please.

That means, for whatever reason, iOS is telling Drafts there is not an iCloud account, or it is not allowed to use that iCloud account. A couple of things could cause this to happen, I suggest checking:

  • Go to iOS Settings, tap on your account at the top, just double check everything looks good - it’s not asking for a password, you can tap on “iCloud” and see your storage settings, etc.
  • Tap on “iCloud”, scroll down. Drafts should appear in the list of app and the switch should be turned on to allow Drafts to use iCloud.
  • If those look good, reboot the device, return to Drafts Settings > iCloud Sync and see if it will let you enable it.

If that does not help…

  • Do other apps which use iCloud all sync properly between these two devices?
  • Is this a work issued phone? Some corporate IT departments apply iCloud policies which restrict access to third party apps.

Thanks for suggestions. By turning iPhone off and charging it over night seemed to fix it!