iCloud Account / Drafts


I have a drafts sub on my personal apple account. I signed into the App Store using my personal account and downloaded drafts. However, Drafts wants me to subscribe again and there doesn’t seem to be any way I can ‘tell it’ to use my personal account - it seems to be picking up my work apple account on my work Mac.

Is there a work around for this ? Or should I share my personal account with my work account? Even then the drafts won’t sync across both accounts will they?


Drafts syncs pro subscription and draft data via the single active iCloud account. All of the details are provided on this page in the docs.

Fundamentally, Drafts is designed to be used with one account and there is no cross-account syncing of data. But you could share via other standard sharing means.

App Store apps are signed and have receipts that are checked at launch, and generally speaking you should only be using apps that are downloaded with the App Store Apple ID you are currently signed into on your Mac. If you switch accounts, those receipts will be invalid if they need to connect to the App Store, process in-app purchases, etc.

Can you just remain logged into your personal Apple ID for the App Store only on that Mac? Then your Drafts Pro purchases can be restored and unlocked (if purchased on Mac, not iOS). Your in-app data (drafts, etc.) will not sync, but it can be used independently.

I have logged into the App Store using my personal iCloud account - it’s only the MacBook itself that is using my work iCloud account.

My logic was that if I download via the personal account on the Mac app store it would pick up my personal account and sub. However, it doesn’t seem to do this.



Is the expected behaviour that my sub on my personal apple account is picked up when I login to the App Store with the same personal account from my work Mac?

If so - this hasn’t happened


I have tried this scenario with other apps and they work as expected - namely as long as I’ve purchased the app on my personal App Store account and downloaded it via the same account (regardless of which Mac) the app picks up my subscription.

So it looks like Drafts is not working as expected? @agiletortoise can you suggest something?

I’m not expecting my drafts to sync up across two different accounts but it looks like the license should work as I’ve downloaded drafts using my personal account from the app store


What you describe should certainly be the case. If you are using the Apple ID you made the purchase with for the App Store, you should be able to restore and use your subscription purchase in Drafts.

Is is possible you made the purchase on iOS? iOS and Mac App Store purchases are separate, and can only be restored/used directly on the platform they were made. Those purchases can be shared to the other platform through Drafts iCloud sync, but that is reliant on your data syncing in-app and not related to the App Store.

Turns out you were right - I had purchased via the iOS store. I cancelled and resubscribed via the Mac and it’s now working across both personal and work Mac with the same account. Only issue is I had to buy on the new price and not the old one :frowning: