I would like to hire someone to write me draft scripts

Hi All,

I would like to hire someone to help me write some draft scripts. I have written a few ones to know what I want however I am not a programmer. I don’t want to be a programmer :). Therefore, if there was someone who would be interested in working on this and I pay them a reasonable hourly rate that would be awesome!
Thank you!

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Hey Greg, did you get any responses? I came to post a similar request — I like you have ideas for actions but I’d like a teacher/coach to help me be more self-sufficient. I’m likewise willing to pay for the help!

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No! I wish someone would respond. I even tried www.fiver.com and no response.

This is what you guys want.


Having lived in the Philippines for 8 years, I’ll also say that I saw first hand that this kind of thing is a big help to people in difficult economies. You’re able to directly support families and smart, motivated people that would otherwise never get a chance. Probably, you’re able to do more good than you would by giving to a charity.

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