I think an action changed display parameters of Markdown links

Hi. I recently installed and ran this “Advanced Print/PDF Export” action which uses a custom CSS draft tagged “css-print”. After I ran the action, Markdown links look different in both iOS and Mac apps: coloring is light purple and font for the URL is small:


Before, the link text would appear blue, but the rest of the text would appear as normal - black and all same size. I can’t figure out whether the javascript or the CSS coding has altered something in the background. Nothing I do in the Markdown settings changes it back.


Thanks in advance.

P.S. I hate the way Markdown links look now… :grinning:

Can I check, you ran this preview action once on a draft with a Markdown syntax and immediately after, all your devices have changed the colours they render Markdown syntax links in?

No chance you have swapped themes in the newest release or anything?

Yes, on a draft with Markdown syntax. The first time I ran this action, I had not created a custom CSS draft per the instructions. The second time, I had created a custom CSS draft which I copied from the Marked app baseline CSS preview. After I ran it, my drafts with markdown links had the altered appearance. I found a setting which forces new drafts to be in plain text, with syntax highlighting disabled. Now the markdown links are not highlighted or altered at all from black plain text. But I did like the old syntax highlighting.

I can’t see anything in that action that would change the theme in the app, and it predates this week’s themes update.

Can you check what your theme settings are against what you would expect them to be?

This has nothing to do with your action. It is because you installed an update to the app. There was an unintentional change to the built-in themes in the current shipping version, which will be rolled back in the next release.

It does not affect your actual text, or previews, or output, it’s just a display change in the syntax highlighting.