I screwed up - can someone help

I was tired and archived all my notes rather than staying in notes area. Is there a solution. As a work around I click the all notes tab. Suggestions.

I like to create tab list format such as this: indented single spaced.

  • Full accepted Blind trust and Faith. To trust is an act of faith
  • my business is feast and famine. When feast prepare for the famine.
  • It is like I feel I did everything wrong. because 88 was 25% less than 87. had nothing to with me
  • year marked for expansion of my abilities into other spaces
  • very strong changing time in my life

In drafts I can only do this: Suggestions?
12 Spiritual Laws that have been hidden from you
Wisdom nuggets. July 28, 2023

    Law of Divine Oneness
	We are all connected. We are part of a greater energy that is much greater than ourselves
	Every actions, thought is interconnected and interdependent. No one is alone. We are on this journey together. 
	Extension of the same source. Love, kindness. Epitome of the Golden rule
	Start by recognizing the Divine with everyone one you encounter. Express kindness and understanding. We are all braches of the same tree

Law of vibration
	Everything in our universe including our feelings operates on distint vibrations. Everything is in motion, nothing rests.  
	What is the vibration of   money, love.  I need to vibrate at what I want is.  If I want to vibrate at the frequency of love, which is the highest vibration there is 
	If you want to be among the stars then you must first feel like one. 
	We are energetic beings. Think about your thoughts and emotions.

Thank you John

  • Manually move them back from the archive.
  • Restore from backup.

It is a little difficult to tell what you are doing and wanting to do because the forum has formatted it. Therein perhaps lies the issue.

If you have set your syntax to one of the Markdown options then certain syntax highlighting will be applied in the app, and transforming to say an HTML Preview, it will look different again.


If you use plain text as your syntax, everything should remain exactly as you enter it.

You could also create your own syntax and styling (or modify copies of existing ones) to meet any bespoke requirements you have.

Hope that helps.