I really want to love drafts…

For some odd reason I made the choice to commit to using drafts in my workflow without fully testing it.

I WANT to love it.

I’m hoping I can get some answers to some things that have been turning me OFF.

  1. voice dictation on IOS.

How the heck do I get the thing to listen to my Bluetooth headphones, designed to make my voice clear in noisy environments (which I’m often in).

It always says I’m speaking on iPhone mic, even thoug my headphones are on and connected.

  1. iCloud sync

I know this is mostly and iOS issue…. But drafts syncs slower than any other app I use.

I create an outline on my comp, and then go on a walk prepared to brain dump within the guidelines of that out line, but when I open drafts… it’s nowhere to be found. And this an hour later! Please is there a fix to this?

There are more but those are most pressing.

Again I WANT go love drafts, but a few small things are making me reconsider.

Please help :blush:

Happy to help with your sync issues. Drafts sync is usually among the fastest out there, so it seem like you might have something going on there. Please open a support ticket after reviewing the troubleshooting directions. Also, be sure you allow background refresh, and never force quit apps out of multi-tasking on iOS.

As for the dictation, there is no way to select an input manually at this time. Drafts configures to the system to allow Bluetooth devices, but uses the system’s method to request the best option and iOS decides what to listen on based on whatever methods it uses under the hood to choose what it thinks is best. In my testing, it does seem to pretty universally prefer the built-in mic, I suspect because the Bluetooth quality and lag can create issues for dictation. That said, I hope to add the ability to specify your preferred listening device, but I can’t say when that would happen.