I made a shortcut to export content from Ulysses

During the process of migrating from Ulysses to Drafts I first tried to use the Automatic Import option, but I was disapointed the creation date of the entries was not preserved. Instead I made a shortcut that performs this migration by building a singular drafts export file that can then be imported. If you are in a similar position, here it is:

So I know this is a shortcut, not an “action I made”, but this seemed like the most appropriate topic.


Highly appreciated. Shortcut works, file generated as expected. But import in drafts generates error: No drafts found in file.
Any idea why? Latest iOS, Drafts, Ulysses.


Could not say from the top of my head what the issue could be - I never encountered such an error. The generated file is in JSON syntax, did you try opening it in an editor like Textastic and validating the JSON syntax in a tool like https://jsonlint.com/?

Thank you for the hint. JSON syntax is fine, but after some testing I figured out why it failed (I am on German OS). These shortcut variables have to be localized:

  • Creation date
  • Modification date
  • Parent group

Works flawlessly now, great!

Great that you got it working. I am curious about what the exact fix was though - do you mean that the names of the three properties of the magic variable you reference above are actually different in german iOS?

Yes, exactly.

  • Creation date = Erstellungsdatum
  • Modification date = Änderungsdatum
  • Parent group = Übergeordnete Gruppe

Shortcuts does not localize some property names used within a text action (which I did not know). Hence the affected action looks like this in German:

    "created_at" : "Blatt (Erstellungsdatum)",
    "tags" : ["Blatt (Übergeordnete Gruppe)"
    "accessed_at" : "Blatt (Änderungsdatum)",
    "uuid" : "uuid",
    "folder" : 0,
    "languageGrammar" : "Markdown",
    "created_latitude" : 0.00000,
    "modified_longitude" : 0.00000,
    "content" : Text,
    "flagged" : false,
    "modified_latitude" : 0.00000,
    "created_longitude" : 0.00000,
    "modified_at" : "Blatt (Änderungsdatum)"

Strangely, other variables are not affected, e. g. “combined text”. So I assume this might change in the future.