Html preview to single page pdf

hey guys,
I love to take markdown notes in drafts from meetings with colleagues or in private projects.
To share these notes I currently used action with the corresponding PDF converter in iOS Shortcuts app to convert the markdown note.
This worked but I didnt like the design of the pdf at all.
Then I discovered this action in a thread with a customizable design for the page setup and more or less the same Shortcut setup to generate the PDF. This is much better, but for me it would be awesome to get the Github Style from this action into a single page pdf. I never print these things and just want to share them with people who dont use drafts or sth. else - the pagebreaks are not necessary and so it would be awesome to get a single page pdf in the github style template. Did somebody build sth. or can help me to do it by myself?

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One option is to use the ‘print preview’ action and put the CSS for the GitHub preview that you use in this action step. Make sure that you put the following at the end of the CSS:


You can then ‘print to PDF’ by using the two finger gesture in the print preview that results

thanks, I implemented this with the github style. and it works good. I just need to modify the sizes of the font. The only thing I miss is the single page option.
But I can live without that.