HTML Preview Styling: SASS/scss

Hi Folks,
I am experimentring with the HTML Preview action in Drafts.

Many nice examples are not written in CSS but in SASS (scss). I do know that this is a sipmple preprocessor that I can use but I was looking for a more integrated workflow.

I know that there are JS/nodeJS (with SASS preprocessors that might run in a Drafts script action.

Has anyone used this in an action/workflow/shortcut?

Do you have working workflows to generate css from scss files with an app on iOS or a web service (e.g. if my scss file is on github/gitlab)?

Not to curb your enthusiasm, but I think SASS et al might be a bit over engineering it for converting markdown top HTML and styling the latter.

We will see, we will see.

I would say two things:

  • When you’re developing CSS (from SASS) then anything that removes friction from doing it is valuable. This might be that.
  • Most of the time CSS (and SASS, etc) lies there, unchanged.