How / where would i look to understand [[draft]]?

Hello, I am trying to understand drafts scripting, not html scripting.
I would like to limit my ambitions to learning to read and make modifications to scripts.
Where would I look if I simply want to understand the syntax and meaning of a simple script like [[draft]]
thank you for your time and help

As I noted in another thread, the Drafts web site has this info. The search is your friend.

Here’s the direct link to the template tags page in the reference section which covers scripting.

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thank you very much.

This using templates guide is probably the best place to start.

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Thank you. I will start with that

Greg’s link above just opens this thread for me, but the template tags page I linked above has a description of all the tags.

The link I suspect isn’t working for me above I think would be to:

Thanks, fixed the link as well.

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thank you for taking the time to address my post.
The link was no problem: I found the correct one by doing a search