How to toggle between task (- [ ]) and list (- )

I can find Actions that toggle between checked (- [x]) and unchecked (- [ ]) task, actions that toggle between a list and normal text, but I can’t find an action that would toggle between task (- [ ]) and list (- ).

I write notes in meetings in list format, but sometimes I need to enter a task. If I click “enter” a new “list” item would be added automatically. If I use the “Task” action, Draft just adds a “- [ ]” right next to the existing list bullet, so I end up with this “- - [ ] task”.
Vice versa, if I was already typing in a bunch of tasks and want to change something to a list, the “Markdown List” action would just remove the "- " before my task list, resulting in this “[ ] task”, if I toggle the same action again, it just reinstates the "- ".

I tried editing the “Toggle Tasks” action, which toggles between an unchecked (- [ ]) and a checked (- [x]) task, but my RegEx sucks and I end up removing the first letter of each line before adding the "- ".

Essentially I replaced the “checkedRE” regex with -\s*[^[], but that didn’t work

I was hoping someone knows of a solution?

Oh, actually, I figured it out, ignore me please.