How to tap "Enable links" on iOS with soft keyboard present?

On IOS when I have a short draft open I would like to tap “Enable Links” quickly but the soft keyboard usually hides the “Enable Links” icon Screen Shot 2021-10-20 at 10.53.19 am.

Is there a way to toggle the “Enable Links” mode without first dismissing the keyboard?

you could create a button for that into the extended keyboard row :wink:

There are already actions in the directory which you could use:

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So, I

  1. import the toggle link mode action and then
  2. bind this action to a button in the extendedn keybaord row,


You set an action group to show as the extended row. So no binding per se, just load the appropriate action group for use in the row.


Don’t forget, this can change automatically when you change workspaces (if you have that set up), so you might want to add it to multiple groups.


There is a permanent “Enable Links” button in the action group selection view as well.