How to tag quickly?


I have a few hundred drafts without a tag. I would like to tag them quickly: A draft is opened, there is a tag selection panel (overview to click on) and then the next untagged draft is loaded. How can I implement this either on macOS (I’m already thinking about a Keyboard Maestro macro) or iOS?

Searching and then select all followed by batch tagging as an operation might allow you to quickly apply tags.

For example, on iOS:
In the draft selection list search for “home”. Tap and hols on Select to reveal the option to select all. Tap on the double cog icon and choose Add Tag. Add the “house” tag.

There is a big assumption here on how you might be using tags, so there is also every chance that you have no keywords that could help you search. For example, if you use tagging for categorisation of development ideas and blog posts, it is going to be of limited use and really you would need to read and interpret each one.

However, in such a case, rather than using select all, you could read the overview in the list and use manual selection.

In any case, scanning the list should and batch applying tags should be faster than individual processing.

I would also advise working from a workspace where the untagged filter has been applied, unless,like me, you potentially apply multiple tags, in which case you need to review every draft, tagged or untagged, and then your approach of apply tags and navigate to the next draft would be a potentially more efficient approach as you would only touch each draft once, and you would know you had checked every draft.

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You can select multiple drafts in the draft list. On Mac, just make your selection, right-click and select “tag” to assign tags to all the selected drafts. On iOS, use Select to enter select mode under list, then in the operations (gears next to select) there are bulk command for assigning tags to all selected drafts.