How to switch out of dark background?

Ok, I’m stumped. In the iOS version of Drafts 5, I like the regular black text on white background, but some weird combination of loose finger taps got me to white text on black background. How the $&#@% do I get back to white background?


Easy! Bottom right corner of screen (you might have to close the keyboard to see it) is “Aa” button, where you will find settings.

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To supplement the response from @PhilipK, there is a documentation page for this on the web site.

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Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

In Drafts 5 for iOS, there’s a sunburst icon - a circle with 8 sunburst lines around it - right-ish above the on-screen keyboard. That toggles light and dark modes.

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Of course, if you don’t understand the meaning of the icons, you’re reduced to randomly tapping things to discover what they do. I lament the lack of printed / searchable instruction manuals for today’s products. I used to design analog and mixed-signal I.C.s, and always released circuits with at least a data sheet, and preferably a dedicated application note.

A Google search for Drafts 5 iOS instruction manual turned up nothing.

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This would depend on which action group is selected as the keyboard function keys, so the sunburst icon may not be present.

Re your other stuff about general lack of documentation for apps: I feel ya, but I kinda accept it’s the way it goes with small dev houses. I ask myself would I prefer time spent on code or docs, and my answer is always code.

Philip - you’re right, in the iOS version I’m using it depends on which keyboard you’ve selected. The default is Keyboard-Basic, and that’s where the sunburst icon appears.

Yes, I suppose code is more important. But designing analog and mixed-signal circuits at AMD and other companies, the job wasn’t done until there was documentation for the customer. Even for small startup Micro Linear, we still had to provide application support in writing and in person for Cisco, HP and others.

Drafts does have some pretty comprehensive documentation though, which I’m learning a lot from. And the way it’s linked to from within the app is really good and useful.

I’ve noted that by convention, on iOS, links to documentation and help are found in an app’s settings, which again by convention is either a cog icon on a button, or a menu item on the app’s main menu. I’m not sure if this is an Apple design guideline or simply just a broadly adopted convention.

If you tap on the cog icon in Drafts, and scroll down to the About section, you’ll see an entry called Documentation and Support. That takes you to the Drafts 5 web site which has lots of documentation and links to many videos. It is this site that I linked to above.

Similarly typing “Drafts5 Help” into Google gave it as the top result.

I think once you are aware of where to expect to find access to documentation on a platform, you’ll find Drafts is actually well positioned.

As to finding a manual… Centrally hosted web based documentation is generally considered easier and quicker to maintain these days, paticularly for mobile apps, and provides users with an always up to date source of information. Even where no changes are made to an app, revisions can still be published and accessible quickly without having o rely on an app update to distribute it with, or compiling and formatting a new version of a manual.

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