How to specify an email account to send from

When sending mail in Drafts how do I ensure that it goes to a specific email account. I have two email accounts and, for some reason, sometimes it goes to the Gmail account whilst other times it goes to my normal account. How do I guarantee that mail always goes to the same account?

Frank Hanna

What are you using to send the mail?

E.g. Specify which device/platform, and provide a link to any action being used.

Please sanitise any action links before sharing if necessary, so as not to share your real email addresses.

Also, just to confirm, you do mean “to” and not “from” in your query.

I am using the Mail action that is standard with the Drafts programme. I have my Macmail account which it usually goes to and all I do is fill in the recipient. But sometimes it goes to Google mail instead. I only ever want it to go to Macmail.


I assume this is the action you are using (it is better for you to share a link to your action as this ensures we know *exactly* what is being used). This particular action opens the default mail app as specified by macOS to send the mail. It isn’t using Drafts’ mail assistant or any other direct mailing approach. So based on that, can you provide additional details about the following?

  1. Are both your “Macmail” and “Google mail” accounts defined as accounts in your e-mail application?
  2. If so is the e-mail opening up pre-populated with one of those or is it opening a GMail’s web interface for your “Google mail” account.
  3. What e-mail application(s) are you using?
  4. Does the e-mail account opened as the default correspond to the last e-mail account you sent from?
  5. Do you run any software that might be automatically switching your default e-mail account or client application?

That did it for me…my Mac was specifying Google as the mail reader and not the mail app. Thank you so much. Sorry for being a bit “slow” but you have been most helpful.