How to save safari tabs (URLs & titles only) to a Draft


Can any one suggest the most straightforward way to save the URL (and title) of open safari tabs to a draft? Don’t mind if this is for IOS or Mac.

If I can’t do this from with Drafts what would be my best option (AppleScript on the Mac, Shortcuts App on IOS etc…)?

Thanks for any suggestions.


Share sheet from a tab on i*OS shares a Markdown link and so includes the title and URL, but you can configure this in the share sheet settings in the app. But it is always just one at a time.

If you want to retrieve say the last current tab or all tabs, on the Mac, there are quite a few AppleScript examples online for various browsers. Utilising TextExpander, Keyboard Maestro, or even Alfred can give you a way to access that in any app. Drafts doesn’t currently allow external scripts to be triggered from actions, so you probably need to look at a third party tool for that.

The sharing from the browser to Drafts on the Mac might also work for single tabs, but I’m not able to check that just now.

Hope that helps.

If i want to save URL Only (Without Title) are you saying that’s a setting choice? Where exactly?

I mean in the iOS app.

Okay, i found it in the Guide (Settings/Extensions/Share & Actions)

A layout for a web template there lets you include or exclude thins like a title.

But apparently only one default for this setting!

My uses require an alternate setting that I’d like to switch between without constantly re-editing the setting.

One WITH the Title (for email, that lets me keep appending links to the Draft but when sent to an email renders simple links with Titles visible, not URLs) and one WITHOUT the Title (URL only for Messages, so that a list of posts in a text renders with nice Previews for every URL I’ve appended to a list in an individual Draft).

Hope that makes sense.

Is there any easy way to have these two share actions available for me to switch as needed?


Go into settings, then share & actions. Just delete all but the URL part in there.

Just to clarify something on @HellsKitchenDweller’s reply, the “URL part” would include the square brackets around the world URL that identify it as a tag.

i.e. having this in your web template would insert just the URL into the new draft with whatever tag and syntax settings you specify on the same settings page.


Thank you both. You are so speedy that you probably didn’t see my re-edited question (I was typing while you were answering!)

I clarified my actual conundrum, if you don’t mind taking another look?

Again thanks

There isn’t a way to switch with the app per se. It is one setting for Safari as Safari doesn’t know what you want to do.

As I see it, you have two options.

  1. Share via one or maybe two Shortcuts shortcut that creates/appends as per your needs.
  2. Create an action that can strip down all Markdown links to just their URLs.