How to Move/Copy the Find Action From the Keyboard Row to the Side Panel

I sometimes use the Find action which for me is located in the Keyboard row in the Editing group:

Draft Find_ Screen Shot 2022-12-11

I like the Group just accessible via the Keyboard row, but the Find action I would like to access from the side panel. How do I move/copy the Find action from the keyboard row to the side panel?

I couldn’t find a Copy command, so I though maybe I just re-install the Action from the Action Directory into a side panel group – just to fins out that the default Find action doesn’t seem to be in the Action Directory…

Thanks for any pointers!

The action bar displays actions from action groups, there are not different. The default group in the action bar is the “Editing” group, which contains that “Find” action, and can be loaded in the list.

That said, you can also tap and hold on the magnifying glass at the top left of the editor to get to “Find in Draft” as well. No need for an action.

Thanks for chiming in @agiletortoise!

Ok, I understand. I have the action group “Editing” in the action bar and, yes, it contains the Find/Replace action.

But how do I get this action into another group in the action list (i.e. the side panel) on the right?

Good tip! This is very good to know. But here I am after a Find action which than can be used for replacing as well – I don’t seem to be able to do so with the Find icon at the top left of the editor…

Tapping and holding give the option of Find in Draft and Advanced Find in Draft with the Advanced option allowing find and replace.

The Editing group of actions (as with any group of actions) can be selected in either the keyboard list or the main actions list:

To copy an action to another group if you wish to do it that way, tap and hold on the action name:

which will present a copy option:

and the new group you want to add it to can be selected.

Hope this helps.


Mega-thanks for this super-detailed explanation! :cowboy_hat_face:

Both tips work a charm.


Glad it helped. (and a few more characters to hit 20…)