How to manage images

I am new to Drafts. I understand that it is not designed for images and shouldn’t have them in directly.

What I was Wondering is whether anybody has found an alternative solution. For example, being able to upload images to a website and then have the link automatically placed in Drafts.

Welcome. Presuming you’re on iOS, and you have Dropbox, this might be what you’re looking for: Towards markdown image workflow in drafts on iOS, advice needed :D

Yes. At the end of that thread there is an action that made this process easier (read workable) for me. It does the conversion of the link for you.

BTW, if you do insert images via links this way, when you render into PDF you should see them as images.

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Thanks very much for the message, both of you. Sorry, I should have been more clear. I am currently trying to get the image thing to work on MacOS (and I don’t have Dropbox :frowning: ).

I don’t know if this would work for you, but I came up with a method for including local images in preview.

You could modify the Automator quick action to construct the Markdown link from the selected image file’s path and place it on the clipboard ready for pasting into Drafts.

Another alternative would be for you to run a local web server for serving your original images and then use the known path to generate your image links.

This approach can of course be extrapolated out to an online web server, but different services use different upload methods, so without more detail of what service is being used and what upload options it has, it is impossible to suggest a viable automation for that.

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Thanks for the reply. I love the idea of using an online server. Thanks very much for the idea. I have just gone and bought a Digitial Ocean server and I am going to try and set something up. Should be a fun little project to get working.

Thanks again!!!