How to highlight search results?

When searching for a particular word is there an action that will highlight the results. What if I have 50+ results of the search term I’m looking for. Unless it is highlighted, it is very difficult to find.

Thank you


Wishing for this feature as well. My workaround currently is to use line numbering. The search result will show line numbers.

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Can you share with me with me the way you get the search results that show line numbers? Thank you.

Line numbers can be seen in Quick Search.

aw yes, thank you. I was using the quick search, but either I’m doing something wrong or it’s not working for me.

For example, I can search for a search term and it tells me there are 13 results. However, it only shows me 3 of those 13 results with page numbers. Also, when I click on any one of the 3 results they all go to the same section in the document.

Btw, I love Drafts. Just trying to figure a few things out.

There is not a global search that allows you to navigate directly to found instances within drafts. Quick search does provide a preview of several results, but is not complete due to space limitations.

You can also search within individual drafts using find and replace, which lists all occurrences of matches in a single draft.

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This will definitely work. Thank you! But is there a way to get it to show all the occurrences? There are 13 occurrences in this particular draft but it’s only showing 4.

Edit: Never mind. I figured it out. I had to hit enter to refresh.