How to Disable Spelling and Grammar Check

Greetings, Drafts Community. I really enjoy using Drafts on both macOS and iOS.

I’ve opened an account here as I’m trying to figure out how to disable the spelling and grammar check. I seem to be able to disable (untick) it for one draft, but when I start a new draft the checks are all ticked again. Is there a way to turn it off for all drafts?

Thanks, Drafts. And thanks in advance, Drafts Community.

Are you making any changes to the Syntax highlighting option? Editor settings in the “Aa” view are store per-syntax (e.g. you might want spell-checking ON for Markdown, but OFF or Javascript).

Not currently aware of any bugs with those settings not getting stored, but it’s certainly possible there are in the beta.

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Thank you for solving the problem.

I’m embarrassed to say, I wasn’t changing the setting in the ‘Aa’ view as I hadn’t seen it – I was going into ‘Spelling and Grammar’ in the ‘Edit’ menu. Now, of course, once I change the settings in the ‘Aa’ view, they persist.

This is a video showing what I was doing wrong:

And once I found the ‘Aa’ view that behaviour makes complete sense.

Thanks once again.

Got it, thanks. Definite bug.

Thank you for producing such a fantastic app.

I tripped over exactly the same thing, I had been disabling the spellchecking by right clicking on the editor and unchecking it:


But it came back every time, having used the Aa menu everything’s great!