How to create and process a draft directly through widget?


I want to create and process a draft by starting the whole process through the widget. Preferably via a text editor popup a la Shortcuts. I wouldn‘t mind Drafts opening for text input though.

I can’t figure this out. I essentially need an action triggered through the widget that lets me create a draft and automatically process it afterwards.

use case: small incremental journal/notes entries appended to their files.

Thinking about this while I’m writing this down, I realize I may have to go with Shortcuts on this one.

With the exception of Shortcuts, widgets have to open the Drafts app. Your best bet is going to be using Shortcuts for this!

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yeah, I did just that. Thanks!

If you want something to popup from the Home Screen, and return to the home screen after, Shortcuts is likely your best bet.

If you are wanting to go through Drafts, so your draft is saved in your history, and to perform actions that are best suited to being performed in Drafts, you might start with the Quick Draft example action - which does the pop draft creation part.

It could easily be modified to queue and action on the draft after creation.

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Thx, I have that installed but didn‘t think of trying that action here. Will do!