How to create an incremental count in a note?

I would like to use Drafts to keep track of some of my health habits, as well as my hand bottle filter, which I have to change every 400 liters. To take this example, I would like to be able to increment in some easy way the number of liters filled when I finish and replenish the bottle. How could I automatize in a way this count?

If there a particular reason you want to do it this in Drafts? It is certainly possible, but more complex than using an app dedicated to counting and keeping tally (like the one I happen to make, Tally).

To do this in Drafts, assuming the count is somehow embedded in the text of a draft, you would need to write a script that does something like:

  • parse out the current value from the text to a variable
  • coerce that value to a number
  • increment the number
  • replace the original value with the incremented value in the text of the draft.
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Another way is to create a numbered list. Each new entry increments to list by 1.


Yes, I could put the date as entry. Thanks

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I am no developer, so the idea of a dedicated app is good. I’ll try the free version of yours. How many sets does the free version support? I believe I don’t need many or fancy functions (I don’t own an Apple Watch BTW.
But the idea was not to multiply apps, and do the most with those I have. After all my need for counting is circumstantial.