How to create a step to send to iA Writer after creating a draft

Hi, I watched the brilliant screencast on how to use drafts for building a journal system here:

I have created the Journal Entry Action, but what I’d like to do is after the action send that journal entry automatically to iA Writer.

Is this possible? I’m very new to using drafts actions and steps.


I believe iA Writer uses files, so if you add an action step to save a file and point it to where you keep your iA Writer files, a copy should then be available in that app.

If you are comfortable with URL schemes, then you coul us use that to automatically open the file in iA Writer, or pass the content to the app with that.

Thanks, my iA Writer files are stored in the ‘iCloud Drive > iA Writer’ folder but I can’t find a way to save a file outside of the Drafts folder.

What you want is a folder bookmark. That will allow you to work around that constraint.

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Thanks for your help :slight_smile: