How to color a note title in notes list?

Hi there, a need and a question.

I manage a collection of notes in a Workspace, used as drafts for email marketing needs.
When a specific note is completed and published, I copy the text and switch to my eMaliling software.
When switching back to Drafts to delete this note, it is not displayed anymore as the “actual edited note” (MacOS app). I need to browse the all list to find it back, which is not convenient as multiple notes start with the same title.

Would it be any way to color the title of the edited note ? Or any other idea to identify it very fast before deleting it ?

Thanks for any feedback and/or best practice.


What is your new draft after timeout setting?

Have you considered creating an action to send your content to your email app, and trash the draft all in one go? I also don’t just mean copy and trash (which is possible), but integrating via an existing email service action, mailto URL scheme, other URL scheme, Shortcuts, or AppleScript.

THX sylumer for your help.

After timeout setting, action is to create a new note.
This is what I need to note on the fly very fast from iPhone.

My eMail app is a browser tab (Aweber).
Creating an action to send my content to a browser tab is possible ?
I use ‘copy’ in order to do this.


Does that mean the timeout setting was in fact the problem?

Aweber is not a client e-mail application so much as it is a marketing e-mail platform. As such you would not seek to interact with an app, but instead integrate with its API (Application Programming Interface) - that is one of the primary purposes of its API.

I suspect that developing such an integration might be beyond your current capabilities, so I think atreamlining your current manual process is probably a better option for now.

Consider duplicating your action that copies the draft content to the clipboard and adding an additional step to open your Aweber tab (via its URL). Then set the option on the action to trash the draft on completion. You can then name that new action say “Copy for Aweber”, and trigger that when you want top post a draft. It will stop you needing to go back into Drafts to manually trash your original draft, and will open your web site ready top paste your content.

Unfortunately Aweber does not provide any API to create and send an email.
I already use their API to manage optins and optouts, but cannot do more.

Good point to add a delete action after copy, thanks !