How to choose which Markdown version to use


Is there a simple 1 page reference which will allow me to decide which version of Markdown to use? I am not interested in deciphering 10 pages of technical pros and cons.

thanks very much

I suspect the best option - and my choice - is use the default Markdown version until such time (which may never come) as you feel that you need features included in other versions/flavours.

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thank you Dan ! I will not waste time looking at others.
I notice that in the Mac version at least, there is next to no toolbar to enter Markdown characters: # , **. ** ** etc. In terms of workflow, what method do you use to facilitate typing quickly in Markdown ?

for now… just the keyboard. e.g. alt+3 for #, * for *, - to start lists, etc.

My understanding is that shortcuts for these things on the iOS version are achieved with actions and that actions are coming to the Mac version… but not yet. Once the action framework is added to the Mac version, the Mac version will quickly, I’m sure, get a lot more interesting with (hopefully) the ability to run actions in similar ways to the myriad uses they can be put to on iOS now.


Dan, you have been a tremendous help, and I can’t thank you enough.
Have a nice day!

I agree that sticky with plain “Markdown” is the best option for most getting started with Markdown.

It’s a confusing story, but for most general use, the original Markdown syntax is enough. MultiMarkdown and GitHub Markdown add mostly advanced features like footnotes and tables.

Some more explanation in the docs.