How to Change Title of a Draft?

It looks like Drafts automatically sets the title of a draft to the 1st line of text that is contained within the draft. Is there a way to change the draft title without changing the 1st line of text?

One scenario that I’m trying to use this for is creating drafts for canned email responses that I can re-use in the future. I want to be able to title these drafts in a meaningful way but don’t want to include the Title text in the draft itself. With these drafts, I want to be able to use the Create Email action to send the draft with only the text of the draft (not including a meaningful title).

Title your draft/s in first line as you wish. However, in the action, use [[body]] instead of [[draft]]. The [[body]] tag is everything excluding the first line which, in itself is the [[title]]. More here…


Sounds like a great solution. Thanks for the quick response!:clap: