How to append templates to open draft?

I know how to make a new draft based on a template, but I want to know if there is a way to append an extant template to the cursor position of an open draft. This is basically trying to make text-expander but it only works inside of drafts.

Use case: I want to make a keyboard where each button appends a different draft tagged “template.” The reason for this is I will need to make multiple versions of this keyboard that have slight variations on specific keys.

I am happy to further explain my use case if it could be helpful!

Check out the Insert Text step for inserting text at the current position. If you are using standard template files, you can then utilise the template template tag.

If you are using another draft as a template, that’s probably a bit of coding. Easy to do, but more detail about how your desired approach would be required.

This thread offers another alternative based on placeholder substitution.

Thanks for the help! The use case I have is this:

I play storytelling card games like Gloom. I like to transcribe those games in a way that is understandable without images, so having a key for each card that expands into a generic description of it helps me when taking down the input of the speaker. Then, once one keyboard is made that can meet a convention [[template|gloom_house]] I can easily adapt it into the sets for other card-based games.

The alternative you listed is still super useful, but I’ll be using that for speaker names since they’ll vary per session!

The first suggestion of Insert Text and standard file templates is sufficient to meet your needs given you don’t have any specification around how the templates are maintained, only that they are maintainable.