How to ALWAYS select "All" tab on open

My default workspace, “Options” section under manage workspaces, I have “When applying, select tab:” set to “All”
But it NEVER selects All when starting drafts and it drives me NUTS!
How can I get drafts to just open up and always start on “All”?

The workspace selection should be applied when triggering a switch to that workspace. This is working for me on my iPhone.

To trigger this behaviour, you would need to open Drafts and switch to a workspace, assuming it is actually working for you.

Which OS do you want to do this on? We could potentially use something external to Drafts to trigger the switch or use the workspace URL scheme action.

Sounds like a bug, will take a look.

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this is on MacOS, should have tagged it as such. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: