How is tags sorted in filter list?

I have few tags with week1, week2, week3 etc. after week9 tekst I thought that week10 will come after in the list. Instead, week10 comes after week1.

Now I have it this way in tags list: w1, w10, w11, w12, w13, w14, w15, w16, w3, w4, w5, w6, w7, w8, w9

There well is no option at the moment to change sort options of tags in Filter list?

Looks alphabetical to me. If you prefix your single digits with a zero to make them two digit numbers in text, I suspect that would make them alphabetic sort to the order you want.

It’s the same technique people tend to use in file systems too.

I tested in Bear and there they are sorted in right order without a 0 before digit. Seems like developers can modify order of lists.

There are multiple ways of sorting text. None are right or wrong unless there are specific requirements to be met. Drafts is simply sorting them using one method and Bear a different one.

It seems more like you have a feature request than a question why the sorting is in a particular order.