How Drafts Became the Most Important App on my Devices

Just a random note. The last 2 years have been a gradual process of doing more and more on my iPad Pro and increasingly setting aside my MacBook for tasks I would have thought I needed a computer for.
Drafts is a huge part of that trajectory—maybe one of the biggest pieces of the puzzle. Yesterday I created an entire presentation with notes and inter-app links. I was able to do it from my bluetooth keyboard entirely with keyboard commands. On multiple levels it wouldn’t have happened 6 months ago. But because of specific Drafts actions and automations I have created over time it was as easy or easier to do from my iPad compared to my computer. It was shocking to look back and realize how much my workflow has changed because of one app.
All of this to say, a huge thanks. This app is a big deal for me.
And while everything I just said was iOS centric, I’m also super excited to think about actions on the Mac…!!