How do I use text input prompt into Things Url

I’m trying to create action for Things 3 URL. I’d like the action to prompt for inputs. I found an action in the action list that allows user to add tag and list but I’d also like to add heading.

Here is the syntax for things.


I’d like where it says “April” to be entered from a user prompt.

Can someone help this noob out? Thank you

You would need to add a prompt, and then reference it in the URL. Here’s the prompt:

And here’s the URL:


I assumed you based the action off of this one by shankarux, so I’ve extended it for you to add the heading:

I don’t have Things so can’t test this, let me know if there are mistakes :slight_smile:

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Thanks rosemary!

For some reason, the header isn’t being added. I wonder if who uses things can try this as well to see if I’m doing something wrong.

Any chance some of your URL parameters are not URL Encoded?

I think Drafts allows you to force it on template tags by wrapping them in double curly braces ‘{{[[tag]]}}’.

If not, can you post an exact example of a URL that isn’t working?

I think the issue is on the Things side. For some reason the header URL isn’t working. I submitted the bug.

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