How do I get Drafts upload into Cloud notes app like notion and not save anything locally?


I am totally new to Drafts and I am not able to figure out how to work with a scenario that I need. I love the fact that I dont have to think about organizing before I write it. It has been very helpful for me. But I don’t want anything to be stored locally. Is there a way I can write it and upload it to Notion or any similar app so local gets erased? Thanks a lot for your help. Any other app like notion will also work. I just need it to work better with drafts. Just email wont be easier for me.

To truly exclude storage, you would probably want to:

  1. Manually empty the trash after you export your content.
    • Deleting the content isn’t enough as there would be a version history on the draft.
  2. Disable Drafts’ backup feature.
  3. Turn off iCloud sync as that would be sharing it to other devices that might have local backups, etc.

If you don’t mind me asking, what scenario requires you to remove content from your local device after transferring to something like Notion? Given that Notion is also likely to be accessible from the same device after the same level of access is attained, I’m just wondering what driver is in case the underlying issue is actually something quite different or that the apps you are referencing are not suited to - e.g. storing all of your passwords in plain text.

If you are just worried about the clutter, not necessarily literally deleting things immediately, the way Drafts handles that is as follows:

  • Capture in Drafts.
  • Run an Action to send that text to another service.
  • Have the action configured to either archive or trash the draft automatically after the action is run. This is an option that is configurable per-action.

Then after you have acted on the text, it is out of your inbox and considered processed. The trash will automatically permanently delete anything there for more than 30 days, the archive will keep the drafts around, but they are out of your inbox.

Actions can send to many services, but there’s not any directly integration with Notion currently. They have announced an API, but it’s not available yet, and as far as I know, their app does not support direct integration (via URL or other means). So you may be limited there.

I am a total newbie. I did not even know that the local copy will move to trash on export. I am thinking of using it as journal but I want to keep this information private as well. Ideal if I can also add some tags by which I can later differentiate along with day differentiation. Something like Feb 1 2021 visualization or Feb 1 2021 Dream journal etc.

How do I create such an action that deletes from trash after sending it to Evernote for example? I am a total newbie and I am overwhelmed with lot of information. Can you please help?

hi @madhu_sushmi

I a sorry to tell you that this is not implemented.

There is a longer thread about here:

Stephen has kindly put a link to the documentation there.


if I read your thread I think privacy of your content is your main concern.

I do not want to make you nervous but even data that is deleted from the trash might not be out of reach of a skilled computer person. This is based on the fact how a computer stores and deletes data. If a file is deleted on a local storage its storage space often only marked to be reusable if needed.

I am not totally sure how this is handled on macOS and iOS and if @agiletortoise has implement something specific to shred the data. But for example a backup of the Drafts app data will also contain a copy of every active note.

You can configure Drafts from backing up data though this would reduce the usability in other cases.

I would suggest rethinking your privacy goals and evaluate if they are as important to you to look for an application with this exact goals.

@agiletortoise - please correct me if I am totally wrong here.