How do a do a Windows server path in a markdown email?


For example \\servername\path\path1

It always removes the beginning backslash or it will just remain in the brackets for the final email.


In markdown the backslash is used to ‘escape’ a character. That is, if it’s a character, like ‘*’, that has meaning in Markdown but you just want the character itself you can put ‘\*’ and the processor will remove the ‘\’

In your string the first backslash is escaping the second one. If you double them up, i.e. ‘\\\\’ you should end up with two after processing.


I generally go with the doubling approach @davenicholls set out, but I do have a habit in e-mails of putting server paths in particular in a fixed width font to make them clear and stand out from variable width font text around them. Purely as an alternative, you can do a similar thing in Markdown by setting the text as a code block.

For example, typing the following and putting the path between backticks (`)…

The path you need is `\\servername\path\path1`. You should have access.

… gives the following when rendered …

The path you need is \\servername\path\path1. You should have access.

Just another option, but knowing the escaping aspect is useful in many places.


Thanks, for this to work, do I need to put the extra backslash in the link and the link title as well?