How can I use Siri?

What are the commands to use if I want Siri to create a note?

I’d like to just say one command and have Siri both understand that I want to use Drafts and within that same command include the text of my note. Is that possible?

Take a look at @nahumck’s Drafts 5review on MacStories and the Siri section.

I have tried using Siri. Each time I try using “hey Siri create a note with drafts” I get a note in the default notes app named giraffes.

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I was having the same problem you were having. After waiting a half hour or so it finally worked.

I always start with the app name, and that helps.

“Hey Siri, in Drafts create a note saying…”

It does tend to work best starting with the app name. This applies to any app that integrates with Siri.