How can I indent a paragraph?

I have a multi-line paragraph and would like to indent the whole paragraph to the right.

The Editing action Indent just moves the first line to the right.

How can I right-indent a whole paragraph?


If I understand your question properly, I think the short answer is you cannot.

In plain text, a “multi-line paragraph” is something of a non-sequitur. I believe you mean you have a paragraph that is longer than the width of the editor, and is being wrapped, so it appears to display as multiple lines…even though it is really one line.

Plain text does not have formatting concepts paragraph indention, like you might have in a rich-text word processor like Word/Pages.

The syntax highlighting does have the ability to display some things as indented, like wrapping lines in a Markdown list, but there is no actual formatting applied…it’s just for display.

If you are needing to do Word Processor style formatting, you would need to move your text to a rich-text editor.

Could this be done with a block quote?


A block quote is a type of formatted output. It has no effect in the editing of a Draft which is plain text.

You can define a block quote with plain text syntax (HTML, Markdown, etc.), but until it is rendered, that is just plain text markers too.

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