How can I display line numbers in a Drafts document?

When I did a search using Find, it indicates the line numbers on which matches were found.

How can I get every line numbered so I can see the matching lines?


See Paragraph Numbers here:

That only enables paragaph numbers, not line numbers.

Same thing. I’d really call them line numbers, but the paragraph number label was more consistent with how the feature is labelled in some other editors, so I went with it.

Here is how paragraph numbers display in Drafts (Mac). To me, that is confusing, especially since when using Find it displays the matches as line numbers though I see that BBEdit handles it in a similar way.

The editor soft-wraps text to the size of the window/margins. This does not create “lines” - only a line feed character in the text creates a new line.


Ah, the old “visual versus data stream” conflict. :slight_smile: