How can I avoid leaving the iPhone widget half empty?

One thing I was wondering about with drafts on iPhone is how to avoid having a half empty widget- as on the free version only a couple of the available actions make sense.

It feels like a waste of screen real estate but I can’t really see what else makes sense adding, apart from maybe the “open app”

Does anyone else have ideas on how to fill up the empty spaces using the free app on iPhone?

What are you using in the widget? Maybe just don’t use it…some of the same options are handy if you tap and hold on the app icon as well.

There are, or could certainly be, some actions that make sense on the widget that do not require the pro version. Most common examples would be things that create new drafts based on template content, or similar, but I don’t have any immediately handle examples to suggest.

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I think this requires Pro subscription.

Why do you think that?

I’m using the Drafts with Template action and I have this action as a button in the widget and it prompts me for Pro subscription every time I run this action. Is there another way to create new drafts from a template?

I’m going to guess that is the one that uses workspaces, which are a pro feature, to segregate templates, rather than by title or tag.

There are other actions to do templates that should work for non-pro subscribers. I’m not sure how generic they are though. Search on the directory and forum.


If you can’t find anything generic enough, that doesn’t rely on workspaces, I’m sure I could whip something up.

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The one I linked above is by @agiletortoise and his action displayed a prompt of all the drafts tagged as “template” and upon clicking will create a new draft based on template selected. I don’t think he specifically coded workspace in it, so I’m not sure why it needed Pro feature. At first I thought that the Pro prompt was due to running it from the widget but that’s not the case. I tested running it from the action menu and it requires Pro. Could it be that non-Pro cannot run complicated scripts?

That linked action starts with using a workspace and so would be why it is pro only. Even if you don’t understand the scripting, just try reading the first few lines of code and you’ll see.

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